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Learning Centers

Each student at the Academy participates in a designated Learning Center. There are four Learning Centers at FCA: Kindergarten, the Lower Learning Center (Grades 1-5), the Middle Learning Center (Grades 6-7), and the Upper Learning Center (Grades 8-12). Within the Learning Center each student is assigned a desk in which they spend a portion of each day in personalized study. The Learning Center is a quiet environment and is especially beneficial to students who study well independently. Each Learning Center is overseen by a supervisor who is assisted by a monitor. The student-teacher ratio is approximately 15:1.


Academy students participate in a traditional classroom setting at scheduled times. Qualified teachers from our own staff and from the local Christian community offer a wide range of classes including foreign languages, history, science, Bible, literature, and many others. This learning environment allows the student to learn outside the Learning Center.

One-on-One Tutoring

Each student receives personalized attention throughout the day. The supervisor prepares individualized education plans for each student and offers personal assistance while the student is in the Learning Center. Piano, violin, and voice lessons are available in 30-minute lessons for a student. Those who wish may also attend a summer music camp.


Each week the entire student body convenes for chapel and special presentations from community leaders. These assemblies are focused on learning about the Bible and gaining insight from our public servants.

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